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Tips to Follow Before Leaving to Umrah

Umrah is a divine journey performed by every Muslim, unlike Hajj Umrah is not compulsory. One can perform Umrah anytime during the year. One can also perform Hajj and Umrah together if they are financially stable and physically healthy. Different travel agencies offer various packages which can help travelers to pick the best one which is apt for them. To have the best time and perform journey appropriately it is favorable to choose Umrah package UK vigilantly and also keep below factors in mind.

1. Do a proper research and homework before you head to Umrah. Know what you need to do in your Umrah journey. It is good idea to research on web to avail basic and general information about Umrah journey and packages. Check with people who have already performed Umrah, clear your doubts if you have any before starting your journey. Once you have inquired every fact book choose from various March Umrah packages

2. If you are traveling alone with an unknown group, make sure you make friends and get along with them. Don’t forget if you travel with a good company then it shall create a good impact on your journey. Make sure you are among the perfect crowd so that your journey can be meaningful. 

3. Follow the rules of Ihram. Certain rules are violated without realizing. For example, according to Ihram one must not use scented soaps, so use unscented soaps before leaving. One must not cover their headmen (for men), so do not cover your head even if it is sunny to protect yourself. 

Post by britishhajjandumrah (2017-08-28 04:11)

Tags: Umrah Package UK march umrah packages umrah package umrah packages

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Choose Hajj and Umrah packages for convenience

All the followers of Allah want to head to hajj and umrah to fulfil the words of Lord. Every Muslim is required to mandatorily visit hajj at least once in their life time;however this compulsion is only for individuals who are both physically and financially capable.

Tour to Hajj

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam;and the journey to pilgrimage place is done during the month of Dhu al- Hijja. Muslims from all over the world makes their journey towards Mecca, and during this journey every member is considered equivalent to each other. Every healthy Muslim can make their journey to Mecca where the great Kabba is placed. The visit to this pilgrimage place can help people untangle themselves from all their sins and attain purity. At hajj there are many rituals which are practised i.e. Eid al- Adha, Ramy al- Jamarat and Tawafand all of these are done in the remembrance of Allah.

Packages to Hajj and Umrah

To facilitate convenient travel to pilgrimages, many travel agencies offer package facilities to Mecca. Most of the packages include air fare, accommodation, food and a doctor service. As the event happens only once a year it is very important to make prior booking so that last minute rush can be avoided and suitable plan for Hajj 2017 can be made. With the available of Hajj and Umrah package UK, it has become easy for everyone to plan their travel once in lifetime. One of the best things about the packages is, they can be customised or changed as per individual requirement. So what are you waiting for, if you are planning your travel to Hajj or Umrah go ahead and choose the best package from your travel agent.

Post by britishhajjandumrah (2017-02-23 08:18)

Tags: Umrah Package UK hajj and umrah

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Guide for the Umrah packages

Visiting Umrah and Hajj is very sacred for Muslims. Umrah is performed by the Muslims to seek blessings of God by visiting pilgrimage place in Mecca and Madinah. In comparison to traditional times, travelling to hajj andumrah is not tough anymore. Umrah package 2017 is offered by travel companies for the convenience and comfort of travellers. Hence for travellers it is highly recommended to opt for a Hajj package 2017 that can make your travel easy and comfortable.These packages offer flights, visa process, ticket booking, accommodation and also transportation. So all you need to do is select the appropriate package and have a comfortable journey.

Choose a package

Choose from customised package and group packages being offered by travel companies. If you choose custom package you can have privacy and you will be travelling with your family and friends. On the contrary if you choose group packages, you will be travelling in a group of unknown people.It costs very less for group package hence it is the most feasible one for individuals looking for budget friendly packages.

How to choose a travel company?

While you are choosing a travel company, begin finding companies which are well known and has good rating on the web. Make sure to check with people who have already travelled through the travel company.Some fraud companies offer umrah packages at a less cost, hence it is better to enquire and not to fall in wrong traps. Both genuine and fraudulent companies are offering March umrah packages, hence be vigilant and make sure to opt for the best one in the market.

Post by britishhajjandumrah (2016-12-27 08:31)

Tags: March umrah packages umrah package uk hajj packages 2017

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Packages for Umrah and Hajj Tours

Umrah is an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Muslim has great faith in Umrah. Like Hajj, Umrah is also a pilgrimage to Mecca but there are some differences between them. Hajj is considered as one of the major pilgrimages while Umrah is considered as a minor one. Every year, millions of people visits Mecca for these Pilgrimages.

About Umrah and Hajj

Umrah can be done at any time of the year, and is recommended to Muslims but is not compulsory whereas hajj is compulsory. Every Muslim who is physically and financially sound is expected to perform Hajj during their lifetime.

Umrah Packages to Mecca

A lot of people visit Mecca every year. There are many travel agencies providing Pilgrimage Packages to Umrah and Hajj. These travel agencies have different types of packages depending upon the financial condition of person who is going for pilgrimage. Such agencies provide Umrah Package as well as Hajj tours to individuals planning to visit Mecca. It is very essential to choose a good package from reputed travel agencies who can ensure to plan your visit efficiently and that too within your budget.

Some package cost varies with services like some packages provide facility to stay in a 5 Star hotel and other luxury facilities whereas some provides normal stay facility. It is advisable to choose travel package carefully keeping in view the financial condition of a person. Moreover, one should investigate about the company providing pilgrimage packages to ensure if it is the right decision to choose the company and its packages.

Post by britishhajjandumrah (2016-07-29 09:11)

Tags: hajj tours umrah package

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Buy hajj 2016 packages Online

People who belong to Islam are told from their childhood that they need to go for hajj at least once in their lifetime. There might be many people who are planning to go on this pilgrimage. It is not an easy journey and people need to prepare for it. If you are physically not fit for a strenuous journey then you should consult your doctor if you can go for this pilgrimage or not. People who are both physically and financially capable of going on this journey must do it.

If you are one of those people who are searching for hajj packages 2016 then you just need to go online. Many travel websites offer discounts on various trips. You would also be able to find some websites which are run by Islamic bodies to help Muslims living in different countries plan their hajj journey. People should decide whether they will be going on this journey alone or with someone. Their expenses will depend on this. It is always better to plan your journey is advance so that you can work on all the details.

People who are living in U.K and wish to plan their hajj journey need to look for hajj 2016 packages UK online. It will be very easy as Internet is full of websites which can help people in planning different types of journeys. Once you complete your hajj journey, you will feel closer to the Allah. Just plan your hajj journey and make it happen.

Post by britishhajjandumrah (2016-04-27 07:02)

Tags: hajj 2016 packages uk hajj packages 2016 hajj packages hajj package 2016

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Buy Affordable Hajj Tours Online

One of the wishes which every Muslim would like to fulfill is to go on Hajj. When we talk about Hajj then a large number of things come in to our minds. One thing which comes to our mind is that going to Haj is similar to going to Heaven. If someone wants to be closer to Allah and get away from the troubles of life then he should plan to go on a pilgrimage. Every year, a large number of people go on this journey to get closer to Allah. There are so many people who cannot afford to go on this journey.


For such people, government in different countries provides several types of subsidies so that they can go. People who want to find hajj tours just need to go online. Over the internet, people will come across a large number of websites which provide special tour packages for Hajj. Following tips will help people in finding affordable packages for this journey. First, people should plan their journey in advance. Looking for packages on a short notice will get you across costly packages. Second, people should compare the packages offered by different websites. Third, people should find packages where they can do both umrah and hajj as this will give them value for money. 


People who are living in U.K and wish to go on Hajj need to search hajj 2016 UK packages. People will always have excuses to not do something that they wish to do for a long time. If you want to go on Hajj this year then do not let any excuse come in your way. What can be better than going as close to Allah as you can? Once you complete your Hajj journey, you will feel proud. There are several websites where people will find amazing packages for going on Hajj. You just need to give some time to search for such packages online. So, what are you waiting for? Just go online and plan your journey to do your Haj. Internet will help you in several ways to find the best packages for this.

Post by britishhajjandumrah (2016-02-03 09:19)

Tags: hajj 2016 hajj package 2016 hajj packages 2016 hajj 2016 packages uk haj package hajj packages 2016 uk hajj tours

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Travel Agency for Hajj and Umrah

There so many agencies which offer a good number of Hajj and Umrah packages. Good ravel agencies offer quite convincing Umrah packages and always have tourist guide available for pilgrims. You can gain lot of knowledge from the guide about this place and this will save lot of time and effort while travelling. You need to pay extra for those services.  



It is suggested to choose licensed agency or any sub agency which makes essential arrangement during your journey rather than contacting local service providers offering economical services. Local service providers are often aware on the journey related updates, the best accommodation and other important information that can make your travel smooth. 



Flight tickets, hotel arrangements and Umrah Visa are counted among basic services offered by travel agencies for hajj and Umrah journey. Therefore, you should not be bothered about the comparison in such basic services. In case you want extraordinary experience, then it is better that you start comparing different hajj and Umrah packages provided by different agencies. 



You should take all the things into consideration offered in Umrah packages by agencies. The travel agencies that make arrangement of food for you all through the journey can actually save lot of time because then you don’t have to locate the hotel or restaurants where affordable food is available. If you want to know about Umrah packages then go through our range of articles and blog posts. We have bunch of posts helping you to choose the best packages available in the market. Read now! 



Post by britishhajjandumrah (2015-11-03 07:35)

Tags: hajj and umrah packages umrah packages umra packages umrah 2015 umrah

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Getting the Best Tour Operators for Hajj 2015

There are so many travel agencies in UK who have years of experience and has established a good name for providing best Hajj packages all over the UK. These tour operators are not only popular but have gained so much of importance in organizing seminars regarding travel and traveling tips. They offer different Hajj packages which suits the budget and convenience of lot of tourists planning to go for Hajj 2015. There are tour operators who run travel tour successfully, making friendly relations with the travelers.  Best Hajj tour operators offer superb deals and also offer best Hajj and Umrah packages in UK. These offers are generally liked by customers as they are at affordable rates. 
In fact, you can also have tour guides along with the tour operators who can properly guide all the travelers. When travelers are new and visit for first time for Hajj, then these guides help travelers and explain them about all the places and also give important tips for a successful voyage. 
For the comfort of the customers many hajj packages has been altered. Along with these packages, hotel booking, flight booking and visa booking services are available online. One can book these services on web by putting low investment. Every month it gives different hajj package in which validity, price, description about the hotels, visa, and transportation all are mentioned. You can get the best package according to your affordability and comfort. If you want to know more about hajj 2015, then we have some essential ideas and tips to share with you in our other posts. Read now! 

Post by britishhajjandumrah (2015-09-04 05:58)

Tags: hajj package hajj 2015 hajj and umrah hajj groups hajj

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A Good Hajj Package Can Help You A Lot during the Pilgrimage

Hajj is a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca. It is said that every Muslim should go on a Hajj at least once, provided he is financially capable enough to support his tour. This takes place once a year and millions of Muslims are seen going in groups to Mecca during the season of Hajj. Due to the ever increasing number of people visiting Mecca on Hajj, you will find various types of Hajj packages introduced for the pilgrims. If you are also planning to go to Mecca this year with one of the Hajj groups, it is always a good idea to opt for a suitable package. This will help you and provide you with loads of facilities during the pilgrimage.



While choosing a suitable package for your journey on Hajj to Mecca, always ensure that you check a few important points. Firstly, make sure that the price of the package is within your budget. Secondly, check to see what all facilities you are entitles to get during your pilgrimage as per the packages. Lastly, do not forget to check whether you are getting everything you need and clarify all your doubts with the travel agent before finalizing a package.



Always take your time before choosing a Hajj package. If you take hasty decisions, then you may miss some crucial factors which may prove to be a major problem during your pilgrimage. This is surely something you will never want to face n your holy tour to Mecca.



Post by britishhajjandumrah (2015-07-02 05:15)

Tags: Hajj to mecca hajj groups

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